Ethics in Government

New York City is no stranger to corruption and ethical breaches. The people of this city deserve to have trust in and respect for their elected leaders. Public trust in government is more than some lofty ideal, it is absolutely essential to building the kind of effective, transparent and change-making governance that our city needs, especially right now.

We are just now emerging from a deadly pandemic and devastating economic downturn. New Yorkers need to know that they can trust their leaders, that officials have their constituents’ needs at heart and that everyone is following the rules and governing in an open and ethical manner.

To accomplish this, a Wiley administration will:

  • Ensure that NYC’s rules regarding outside income prohibit any elected official from being paid with City tax dollars to write a book.
  • Prohibit government staff from being paid to do personal or political work for an elected official for whom they work for in a personal capacity.
  • Empower the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board by providing the agency with the resources it needs to conduct proper oversight and enforcement by reinstating its full budget.
  • Slam shut the “revolving door” by expanding and extending the ban on lobbying, so that any person who works for the administration is prohibited from lobbying the administration.
  • Disclose the details of any meeting Maya has with a lobbyist or any donor to the campaign where the discussion involves any City business.
  • Support the goals of a good government and civic coalition calling for ethics reform at the State level.