Maya Wiley Is Ready to Be the Next Mayor of New York City

NEW YORK — Today, the Maya Wiley campaign released a new video titled “Our City, Our Mission” that features supporters and endorsers from across the city as we get closer to the election. With less than 30 days left until the primary, Maya has laid out countless plans to make our city better — and people are listening and excited to join the growing Team Maya coalition.

“You can feel the massive energy surrounding Maya Wiley’s historic candidacy, and this video captures the feeling on the ground perfectly,” said Campaign Manager Maya Rupert. “From every corner of this city, Maya talked to New Yorkers while creating real grassroots support. It’s clear that the momentum has been building after a stellar debate performance and endorsements from Congress Members Yvette Clarke, Nydia Velazquez, and most recently Hakeem Jeffries. Maya is listening to all New Yorkers, and has put forth real plans to help our city recover and become better and stronger than before. With less than a month, Team Maya is ready to go.”


Maya Wiley:

I’m going to tell you a secret.  Child of civil rights activists, my parents were putting their bodies in jail for a change in law.

Reporter 1:

I think Maya Wiley really seized the moment.

Reporter 2:

Maya Wiley highlighted her work.

Reporter 3:

Maya Wiley, as you saw, was quite successful at pushing back.

Maya Wiley:

So I went to law school to become a civil rights  lawyer, because I’ve been Black all my life.

Hakeem Jeffries:

I’m proud to strongly and unequivocally endorse Maya Wiley.

Gloria Steinem:

And it is my great, great honor to introduce my next mayor.

Nydia Velazquez:

The first female mayor of the city of New York, Maya Wiley!

Maya Wiley:

New York City is the only city I can imagine living  in, and we have everything. Right? Arts, culture,  we have the best food.

Mmm. Oh, I need a soppressata.

We got it all. We are a city, not just trying to recover from this horrible  pandemic. We’re also trying to make sure we’re sustaining our city, holding on to it. I feel  really good about being in my home borough, being in the communities I know and understand.

But the reality is we haven’t fixed, also what needs to be fixed about New York City.

This is where NeQuan McLean’s nephew was killed.  There was a police truck the night NeQuan was killed. So the idea that we think the solution is more police, means we’re refusing to pay attention to what solves the problem.

So I’m going to create a participatory justice fund and give the money to communities that have high rates of gun violence to say, “You tell us.”

Mark Green:

Her plan was the most visionary I’ve ever read. This plan will work.

Voter on Street:

Why is it important for me to vote for mayor and like what can you bring to the city? I want real change and the  real change is a more equal playing field for people.

Maya Wiley:

You know, a rebuilt and reimagined New York is a  New York in which we’re investing in our people.

Andrew Hevesi:

No one is banging the drum about childhood trauma the way Ms. Wiley is.

Maya Wiley: 

What do you want from your next mayor? Which is why I have a plan to hire 2,500 more teachers. Because in the Bronx, we have some of the highest rates of gross overcrowding in our schools.

Jeffrion Aubry: 

She is a person who I believe embodies the spirit, and the heart, and the intelligence that a mayor ought to have.

Yvette Clarke:

I am endorsing Maya Wiley for the mayor of the city of New York because it’s time that we have a change in leadership  that is reflective of the lived experiences of the people of the city of New York.

Nathalia Fernandez: 

Today, Maya is an honorary Bronxite.

Maya Wiley:

We got local business in the Bronx.

I know that in New York City, 50% of our jobs are created by small businesses.  I’m going to spend $30 million in grants to help our small businesses in hard-hit communities come back.

We’re going to make a housing first strategy where we see all the things that we can do as government to solve both housing affordability, but also solve homelessness.

You deserve a city government that says this is what community is about.

My name is Maya Wiley and I am running to be the next mayor of New York City.

Maya has been endorsed by 1199SEIU, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Congresswoman Katie Porter, Gloria Steinem, Amsterdam News, Community Voices Heard, Higher Heights for America, EMILY’s list, AmplifyHer, State Senator Michael Gianaris, Former Assembly Member and Former DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake, Assembly Member Deborah Glick, Assembly Member Khaleel Anderson, Assembly Member Jeff Aubry, Assembly Member Latoya Joyner, Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi, Mark Green, Nathalia Fernández, Robbie Kaplan, Council Members Helen Rosenthal and Steve Levin, and former City Council Member Jimmy Vacca. She has also received the endorsement of New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN), the 504 Democratic Club, the Working Families Party, and Democracy For America.  She has received ranked choice endorsements from The Jewish Vote and Progressive Women of New York.

Since entering the race, Wiley has introduced several innovative policy proposals, including her New Deal New York, a piece of her economic vision that will create 100,000 jobs; a plan to save small business; a Universal Community Care plan to provide $5,000 grants for the 100,000 most in-need New York City; her Community First Climate Plan; an education plan that hires 1,000 teachers; a policy to prevent maternal mortality; a proposal to combat gun violence; an arts, culture and tourism platform; a women’s agenda; a plan to create safe communities and transform policing; and a plan to fight evictions.