New York Progressive Action Network Co-Endorsed Maya Wiley and Dianne Morales For New York City Mayor!

Wiley and Morales Have Shown They Will Fight For Progressive Change in New York City

NEW YORK – Today, New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) announced co- endorsements today of Maya Wiley and Dianne Morales ahead of the June 22nd primary. Both Wiley and Morales have shown they have the progressive vision and experience that it will take to create a truly fair recovery from Covid-19 and would put the working people of New York City first. NYPAN is an alliance of 30 chapters and affiliates that formed after the 2016 elections and are committed to progressive change across the Empire State.

George Albro, NYPAN Co-Chair, stated: “NYPAN’s dual endorsement of Maya Wiley and Dianne Morales is the result of a surge of member enthusiasm for these two progressive women of color, both of whom are champions of police reform and accountability, civil rights, affordable housing, fair taxes and universal healthcare: in short, putting the working people of our city first. NYPAN, which was born out of the Bernie Sanders movement, helped defeat the IDC, changed the election laws of NYS, and helped elect our new progressive representatives in Congress, will not sit idly by as Wall Street and their favored candidates seek a hostile takeover of our City. We will not go backwards, but forward, to help elect the first woman and truly progressive NYC Mayor.”

Maya Wiley said: “NYPAN is at the vanguard of the progressive movement and it’s an honor to receive this endorsement at such a critical time for New York City. I share NYPAN’s goal of creating progressive change from the ground up and as Mayor, I will be proud to fight alongside NYPAN and its chapters and affiliates as we work to create a city that lifts up everyone. Whether it’s my New Deal New York plan to create 100,000 jobs by investing in communities that have been left behind, proposal to provide universal care and give $5000 a year to low income caregivers, or a plan to save our small businesses I will be a Mayor who works with and engages our communities so that everyone can live with dignity.”

Dianne Morales said: “NYPAN and all of its chapters and affiliates embody the necessary courage and vision it takes to fight at the forefront of a truly progressive movement in New York. I’m honored to have the support of this unapologetic alliance of changemakers, an alliance that is ready to radically shape our future centered around dignity, care and solidarity. This grassroots campaign is a part of the movement, the movement that is grounded in community and defied expectations despite the systems at play against us. The power of the people is what brought us this far and I’m ready to keep up the fight as Mayor to transform New York City into a city for all New Yorkers.”



NYPAN, the New York Progressive Action Network, was founded in December of 2016, following the 2016 elections. The founding chapters were all grassroots organizations that had formed during the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York. Volunteers in these organizations, many of them entirely new to politics, became heavily involved in their communities, built networks, and made lasting friendships. At the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, representatives from these grassroots organizations met up and decided that, even though the primary was over, the movement was too important to abandon. They chose a time and location to meet again, back in New York, where they voted to incorporate and set up a 501(c)4 organization.

About Dianne Morales

Dianne is a Black-Boricua, first generation college graduate, single mother that has spent her career working as a champion for the working class, poor, and communities of color. She is now taking that fight city-wide as a candidate for NYC Mayor. From being a founding member of a national early literacy organization, to organizing demonstrations against police brutality, to co-leading mutual aid efforts in response to needs during the pandemic, Dianne is an equity champion who still embodies the lift as you climb mindset from her childhood. Dianne’s platform is one that demands what New Yorkers deserve; dignity now, a care economy and an ecosystem of solidarity. Whether it’s reallocating $3 billion of NYPD’s budget, fully funding CUNY or guaranteeing housing for all, Dianne has a plan for NYC.

About Maya Wiley

Maya has been endorsed by 1199SEIU, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, State Senator Michael Gianaris, Assembly Member and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake, Assembly Member Deborah Glick, Assembly Member Khaleel Anderson, Assembly Member Latoya Joyner, Council Members Helen Rosenthal and Steve Levin, and former City Council Member Jimmy Vacca. She has also received the endorsement of Democracy For America.

Since entering the race, Wiley has put out a number of policy proposals, including her New Deal New York, a piece of her economic vision that will create 100,000 jobs; a plan to save small business; a Universal Community Care plan to provide $5,000 grants for the 100,000 most in-need New York City Caregivers; a proposal to combat gun violence; and a plan to fight evictions.