What is a People’s Assembly?

The People’s Assemblies are (virtual) meetings with a wide range of New Yorkers from communities across the City – particularly those who have so often been left out of the conversation. At these meetings we will ask New Yorkers to share their needs, priorities, opportunities, and ideas for the future of the City. 

The goal of the People’s Assemblies is three-fold:

  1. Include regular New Yorkers in the ideas generating about the future of New York City
  2. Ensure the campaign platform incorporates input from the communities that will be impacted most by the policies we put forward
  3. Organize New Yorkers to support Maya Wiley in her historic candidacy for Mayor.

The People’s Assemblies will be a combination of geographic/borough based sessions, citywide sessions, and specific issue area Assemblies. They will be a combination of in-person if possible and virtual.  

At an Assembly, Maya will do an introduction to start the conversation, and then participants will be able to join breakout rooms to have intimate conversations with moderators about the problems they face and the solutions they need. Then, each group will report back the ideas you discussed. The campaign’s policy team will then take the notes and discussion from the sessions and incorporate them into the policy development for the campaign.  You don’t have to have all the answers — we just want to hear from you. 

In fact, ideas that came from the People’s Assemblies are already influencing this campaign! Check out Maya’s Gun Violence Prevention Plan

Sign up for a People’s Assembly here.

If you can’t make an event, we still want to hear from you. Participate in our online People’s Assembly by filling out this form and sharing your thoughts.