Maya's Plan for Women

After 109 men, it is time for a woman leading New York City. New Yorkers can make history in 2021 by electing a changemaking woman with a track record of bringing people together to get things done. Maya Wiley is a historic candidate, unlike any mayor New York City has ever had. She is a civil rights advocate who has dedicated her career to fighting for racial justice and equity, and a trailblazer who will do right by women and families all across this city. If we want to see real change in New York, we need to elect someone who spent her life helping other people. That’s exactly who Maya Wiley is.

New York City is in crisis and the pandemic has had devastating impacts on women. This past year, women left the workforce in droves and were often forced to choose between going to the office and caring for their families. In December, employers cut 140,000 jobs with women accounting for all losses. Because of their overrepresentation in caregiving fields, Black and Latino women were disproportionately impacted. Failing to elect a historic, changemaking leader who understands this means losing a generation of progress for women.

The next Mayor must be someone with a deep understanding of the challenges women face, which is why Maya has focused so much of her campaign on policies and plans that lift up women:

Creating a Universal Care Economy: New York City is home to nearly 1.3 million caregivers, 15% of the City’s population. Many of these caregivers are women, especially women of color, who provide 30 hours a week or more of care to their families and loved ones, in addition to their regular jobs. Maya’s Universal Community Care Plan recognizes that care work is work by:

  • Putting $5,000 into the hands of the 100,000 neediest families to use on caregiving expenses; and
  • Creating Community Care Centers in all five boroughs childcare, elder care, health care and community programs to assist families to over 1 million New Yorkers.

Prioritizing Maternal Health: Being pregnant while Black in America shouldn’t be deadly. New Yorkers, especially those of color, are facing a maternal health emergency. Reviews of maternal deaths have shown that at least 60% of the deaths are preventable. Maya’s Preventing Maternal Mortality Plan makes maternal health a Mayoral priority by:

  • Directing $4.35 million to create birthing centers in every city-owned H+H hospital, targeting communities of color that have had the highest instances of maternal mortality; and
  • Expanding integrated midwifery services within the H+H hospital system and creating a council of midwives and doulas to help inform and craft maternal health policies.

Supporting MWBEs:  Approximately 85% minority women owned business enterprises in New York City may not survive the next six months. Maya’s Save our Small Business Platform provides support to MWBEs by:

  • Investing $7 million in locally-rooted, MWBE-owned small businesses, focusing on increased ownership opportunities for women to take on both the racial and gender wealth gap in our city; and
  • Appointing a Chief Small Business Officer to overhaul how the city works with small businesses, focusing specifically on reviewing all current practices and regulations that are biased against or otherwise adversely affect women-owned businesses.

Improving K-12 education: Every young woman in New York City deserves access to a fully-funded, fully-equipped education and every mother should feel rest assured that—regardless of Zip Code or borough—they can send their children to a great school. Maya’s plan to Create a Just, Vibrant School System:

  • Empowers parents, giving them an active voice in decision-making while working to establish trust between parents and the Department of Education, especially within communities of color;
  • Allocates a minimum of $250 million to hire 2500 new teachers to reduce class sizes and ensure students get the care, attention and support they need; and
  • Reforms school safety measures, so every mother can rest assured their child is going to a school that prioritizes their safety, wellbeing and development.

Advocating for housing justice: Historically, women, and especially Black women, have been evicted at much higher rates. 80% of homeless mothers have experienced domestic violence as adults. The homelessness crisis is tied to the epidemic of domestic violence, and we must provide tailored support to survivors. Maya’s Plan To End Evictions:

  • Fights for a true eviction moratorium for the duration of the crisis, putting an end to the uncertainty and fear that so many New Yorkers have lived with throughout the pandemic;
  • Transforms rent relief, focusing on both tenants and small landlords. Women — especially women of color —make up a significant portion of small landlords across the city. We will pursue ambitious tax and rent relief programs to ease the burden on small and nonprofit landlords; and
  • Commits to putting families back in homes, creating a rapid rehousing program and pressing for state action on application fees, security deposit relief and property tax forgiveness.

Addressing gun violence: Domestic and gender-based violence has spiked during the pandemic. Maya will address this violence and identify resources and interventions for survivors. Women should be able to walk our streets in peace and no mother should have to worry if their child is going to make it home safely. Maya’s Gun Violence Prevention Plan:

  • Establishes an $18 million participatory justice fund that will empower community organizations and violence interrupters to curb gun violence in impacted areas; and
  • Addresses the link between gun violence and lack of opportunity, particularly for women. Women have dropped out of the labor force at a much higher rate than their male counterparts. Maya will guarantee meaningful employment opportunities, particularly for those at highest risk to be involved in gun violence.

Centering women in economic recovery: Women have faced astonishing losses in the workforce over this past year. Maya will return women to the workplace and center them as essential to our economic future. New Deal New York:

  • Invests billions of dollars into our city’s economy, supports small businesses, strengthens worker protections and creates 100,000 new jobs, especially in the care sector, which is overwhelmingly staffed by women.
  • Ensures new jobs go to the New Yorkers who need them most, including women and people of color, who have seen the sharpest decline in employment in our city during the pandemic.

Maya will champion women in City Hall and that’s why she has the support of Emily’s List, Amplify Her, Higher Heights PAC, Gloria Steinem, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and more. Maya Wiley will bring a bold future for all of New York City as its first woman Mayor and a candidate who is focused on the needs of all New Yorkers.